Frontiers Express Ltd was created in 1985 to offer specialised Canada/USA transborder transport services. The company was shortly recognized as a fast and reliable transport service provider.  Equipped with several types of trailers we can help you with most of your transportation needs.


To assure a professionnal service, we understand the importance of a well maintained fleet. In 1990 we adopted the preventive maintenance programs, (PEP), put in place by "La Société d'Assurance Automobile du Québec". Since that day, this program has been followed rigorously. It prevents costly down time and provides a more reliable service.


In November 2011 the company and the activities associated with SE Transport were sold to the founder's grandson, Pascal Tremblay. In order to assure company continuity and growth, focus will be kept on service quality, reliability, professionalism and team dynamics.